Inspirations from Mother

Today is the feast of our lady of Guadalupe. For those who are not familiar with Our Lady of Guadalupe – she is the patroness of the Americas. A lay man had sighted her in Mexico where she asked him to build a church. I won’t go into the details but for those who would like to read more about it, here is the wiki link I would like to dedicate this post to Our Lady. Although I don’t intend to prophesize about religion in this post, but I do want to bring out a few things about Mother Mary that changed my life.

1. Symbol of Purity: According to the scriptures, she was born without any sin. We come across lots of temptations during our life – Be it cheating, stealing, lying or anything bigger. Her life inspires me to lead a pure and meaningful life. Whenever I come across a situation where I need to choose between good or bad – I think of her and say to myself when she can resist temptations why can’t I?

2. Accept what comes: Well most of us know that she was a lay person but was chosen to bear the son of God. Sometimes, we come across situations in life where we begin to think “why me”. Why am I the person to go through all this pain? We seem to think that all the bad things happen to us. During these times, I think about her because whatever happened to her – she accepted it without worrying about what the world will think about her. She just said “let thy will be done”.

3. Be Strong: On numerous occasions, she has shown us how to be strong, be it when she conceived or when she saw her son being crucified. All this gives us the message to be strong no matter what happens, because things happen for a reason and no matter how bad it is, you will not be suffering all the time.

4: Helping others: When she heard about her cousin Elizabeth who was very old and having a baby, she went ahead to go and help her out, although she herself was pregnant at that time. How many times have we thought about helping others be it at home, work or someone who is sick? She brings a good example to serve others not worrying her own health.

5. Selfless love: She has taught us how to love others without caring for her own self. That is probably why she is also called the mother of mothers. I have spent considerable amount of time staying away from home and whenever I miss my mom and I am unable to reach to her for some reason, I go to Mother Mary and instantly I feel better. She is just a great source of inspiration.

There are numerous other things besides these that she has taught us. Be it mother Mary or any other Goddess from other religion or our very own moms, the message is the same. Mothers are an important person in our lives. They have sacrificed and taken a lot of pain in bringing us up. Take some time today to think of all the happy times you have had with your mom. Be thankful that she gave you life, a home, encouragement, and love. Today and everyday let your mom know that she’s a very special person.

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