Small things in life that can make you happy

I generally start writing when I am sad and it got me thinking why not write about something that can make you happy. I am one of those people who tend to look at the negative side of everything possible and feel sad about it. I always feel strongly connected to Murphy’s law as if it was made for me. And when I feel sad it takes me to a state of depression and finally to get over it I start doing something that would make me feel happy. So here are a few things that makes me feel better and I am sure it will get you started thinking on your list too.

1. Cook : Cooking takes away your mind off stress in such a way that you never imagined. Sometimes you may feel lazy to cook because you are alone or if you are like me who doesn’t eat much, it could be challenging for you to cook. But if eating is something you love then you should definitely  try cooking at least one new dish every week. Even if you don’t eat as much, you can always cook your new dish and take it to work for your friends or colleagues or invite a friend home or give it to someone without food.

2. Physical Activity : Physical activity releases hormones which can fill you with positive energy. Even if you are the most laziest person, it is  always a good idea to take a walk outside. Few things that you can try out is going to a gym, running, swimming, playing a sport – basketball, biking or  just strolling in the neighbourhood.

3. Gardening : Buy a few plants and plant it in your garden or repot your existing ones. If you don’t have a garden you can buy a few house plants and  take care of them.

4. Art : If you are interested in art then there are a lot of things you can do. Draw a pencil sketch, make a bottle cap art, make a canvas painting or a glass painting. You can also visit an art gallery if it is easily accessible.

5. Clean/Decorate your house: Take time to clean and decorate your house. Bring in a few bouquet of flowers that you like, light a few scented candles.

6. Have a nice cup of coffee: Is there something that you always wanted to have but kept pushing it for another day or is there something that makes  you feel happy and contended. For me going to the small coffee shop around the corner and sipping on a cup of coffee makes wonders. More than reliving stress it makes me feel happy. You can replace this with an ice-cream or chocolate or cake. Idea is to get out of your house and go to that  cute little place that you always wanted to go but never went.

7. Nature : Go to a park or beach or mountain top or about any place where you can feel the fresh air and admire the nature.

8. Meditate : Although this might not work for everyone especially if you havent done it before but it does help to cool down your senses. You don’t have to do anything fancy. If you can just close your eyes and not think about anything that would be great but if you can’t do that then start by doing  small things like listening to a calm music or thinking about something that makes you feel good.

9. Read a book : Sometime its good to take a break from watching tv or looking into the computer screen and read a book. It doesn’t have to be anything big. You can start with a magazine or a cookbook or a sports book and discover what you like as you read more. This can help take your mind off the  stress and also relax your mind. You can go to the nearest library or coffee shop or book store and read books for free. You can also read articles  online if you are not a book person and like to be online all the time.

10. Listen to music : This of course needs no explanation, most of us already do this to relieve the stress. The key here is to not listen to songs that  will make you sad or remind you of something that caused the stress.

11. Have a nice bath : Sometimes a nice warm bath can do wonders for your body that nothing else can do for you. Spend some time taking care of your  body and enjoying that nice long time in the spa or at home in the bath tub.

12. Call up a friend/relative : Sometimes talking to friends or relative can help us get that change that we were waiting for. It is always a good idea to call up an old friend or relative whom you havent spoken to for a long time.

13. Do something for others : Nothing gives you happiness than doing something that brings joy to others. Try taking time and doing something for others. It doesn’t have to be big. You can start with sending a mail or a card to a friend and something as big as running small errands for others. You can also try to volunteer in social groups around your community.

14. Go Shopping : This is one of the favourite activity for women and it is amazing how this can remove your stress. It also take care of point 2  (Physical activity) as well as takes your mind off something.

15. List things that can make you happy : One of the most affective and the most important thing on the list is to make a list of things that can make you happy. One you list this out you will automatically know what will make you happy. Once the list is ready try implementing more than one items in the list. That way you wont get bored of doing the same thing everytime.

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